Silverton Success Story
A Silverton
Success Story:
Alex P.

Alex started with Silverton in the summer of 2017 as a part-time intern.  She was a quick learner and her manager could see that she would be a great addition to the Silverton team.  So, once her internship ended, Alex was invited to come on board with us full time and asked what department she would like join. 

As Alex says, “I’m good with numbers, so I thought Secondary would be a good fit.”  She started as a Shipper and now has moved up to Secondary and Delivery Specialist and has continued to gain more responsible in her department.   

Besides doing a terrific job,  Alex is a prime example of how we live by our“Bricks” and has been awarded Bricks for:  

◦ Keeping things fun (while still working hard)
◦ Coming prepared and be engaged (being ready for and staying active in meetings, etc.)
◦ Looking forward and anticipating (being proactive, thinking ahead)
◦ Making yourself nervous (trying something outside your comfort zone)
◦ Understanding there is no finish line (continuing to learn and grow)
◦ Taking responsibility, accepting and delivering accountability

Now Alex has her sights on continuing her education and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Finance.  We know that Alex will keep setting her goals even higher as she grows and builds her career with Silverton.